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This page deals with all the forms and sources of financing which constitute the Spanish financial market. These include the traditional bank, financial institutions, private investors, public institutions, capital risk, business angels.Through our administration platform these institutions have swift, efficient and simple access to the credit applications of our clients.

Our principle objective is to present those applications and clients, complying with the risk requirements set by the institutions while, at the same time, giving our clients access to the credit offers available.


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Through a rigorous risk analysis of each application, those approved will be presented to our collaborating lenders who, through our administration platform, will have access to all information and documentation necessary for a correct risk analysis of each application. The clients and requests presented to our collaborating lenders will be evaluated in accordance with their profile and solvency, job stability, borrowing capacity and, of course, absence of non-payment history.

Our collaborating lenders will have different profiles and a range of distinct financial necessities at their disposal. These profiles will be classified as: individuals, businesses including SMEs, self-employed and liberal professionals, entrepreneurs or start ups. In this way, using our platform, lenders can decide in which businesses, clients and/or projects they would like to invest, in a way that is straightforward and responsible, minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

Once our collaborating institutions have made their analysis and given their authorization, we present the quote to our client with information on the credit conditions being offered. On acceptance by our client we then proceed to open communications and jointly administer, with the collaborating lenders, the finalization and signature of all parties.