Who can apply for credit?

Depending on the client profile, the following requirements must be met:

  • Aged between 18 and 75 years old.
  • Resident in Spain.
  • Not be on any list of defaulters
  • Have sufficient income to cover repayments without default.

What information and documents are needed?

The following information is obligatory:

  • Operation data
  • Personal data
  • Economic data

Once this information has been supplied and depending on the client profile and type of operation, applicants must supply all documents necessary to confirm the information given in order to make an analysis. On acceptance of conditions of service the borrower authorizes us to seek information from credit reference agencies such as Asnef. The borrower also authorizes us to present their application, while protecting their privacy, to as many collaborating lenders as is necessary to obtain financing.


What can I get credit for?

The options are diverse and depend on your profile and the use the credit will be put to.

How long will approval of the application take?

Once all documents and necessary information is received, our risk assessment department will respond to your application within 24 hours. Then we proceed to contact the different collaborating investors who decide whether to finance the client, the operation and the credit conditions. Our collaborators have a period of 30 days in which to decide to authorize or reject the proposal.

What costs are involved?

Needs&Links charge our clients a commission depending on the amount of credit applied for. This commission is charged when the client has accepted and signed one of the proposed quotations.

Commission rates:

0 – 60,000 Euro = 2% commission

60,000 – 120,000 Euro = 1,5 % commission

+120,000 Euro= 1% commission

For example: Our client applies for a loan of €1,000. Once confirmed and signed the client pays us our professional fees as follows:

1,000 * 2 /100 = €20.


What criteria are used by Needs&Links in the selection of credit applications presented?

Needs&Links will authorize and present for study by collaborating lenders only those applications that fully comply with the following conditions:
Employment stability

Borrowing capacity, that is to say the ability to meet repayments

Having no defaulter incidences.

What advantages are there for the collaborating institutions with Needs&Links?

The principal advantage is access to potential clients whose applications have already been studied and analysed by Needs&Links. We present you with clients with real possibilities for financing and the economic capacity to meet repayments.

How is contact made?

By means of our operations manager, lenders can rigorously analyse the requests in line with their risk criteria, having access to the information and documents necessary to authorize the applications.

What fees are payable by the collaborating institutions?

Collaborating lenders do not have to pay fees or other charges for these services.

Our fees are paid by our clients.

Is there a maximum time period for response?

Credit applications from our clients are linked through our platform with a maximum response period of 14 days.




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