This is where whose with projects in their initial stages and start ups can benefit. Applications for financing and/or grants necessary to start up your project,
business development and/or expansion in whatever sector you happen to be.



Using our application and by means of a simple company plan where they can lay out their business ideas and financial requirements, our entrepreneurs can quickly, easily and confidentially present us with their business Project.

Having analysed each project we then, depending on their profile, present it to our investors and lenders, and link to all the financing possibilities available on the market.

These can be traditional banks, public institutions, private investors, capital risk, business angels and collective financing platforms.


Once contact has been established between project and investor, our objective will be to propose different credit formulae and/or participation to our entrepreneurs to assure that their projects can advance and consolidate in a satisfactory manner.

Our objective: to cover your financial needs satisfactorily giving you the most favourable credit rates and conditions available.success