Welcome. If you have reached this page it is because your financing requirements are within the sphere of personal needs such as: house or car purchase, health care, education, home reforms, unforeseeable expenses etc. Needs&Links can apply for these credit plans quickly, simply and confidentially with very favourable results.


Using our management platform and in four simple steps:

  1. Operation Details

  2. Personal Details

  3. Financial Details

  4. Relevant Documents

It is very important to follow these steps with due care as the credit acceptance or rejection depends largely on a complete analysis of the risk involved.

Once the application has been analysed, we link to our collaborating lenders, presenting them with your financial requirements. After a further analysis of the approved applications, a selection is made of those that best suit our client’s profile. It is very important to follow these step and to complete the forms correctly as the acceptance or rejection of the credit application depends on a complete risk analysis



Our objective: to cover your financial needs satisfactorily giving you the most favourable credit rates and conditions.success