In this section SMEs and self-employed can easily, swiftly and confidentially apply for credit plans to cover their particular financial needs for the development, expansion or internationalization of their companies in whichever sector they opérate.


The process consists of four simple steps where our clients supply us with the information and documents necessary to carry out a rigorous credit risk analysis. This evaluation of the credit risk is of vital importance for our clients to balance the levels of indebtedness with the generation of funds for their business promoted by coherent and sustainable growth policies.

We then put our clients, along with their financial requirements, in contact with our collaborating lenders. These can be from diverse sources such as the traditional banks, public credit institutions, private investors or from other financing institutions found on the current financial market.

Once we have replies from our collaborating lenders, we analyse the authorized applications along with the credit conditions involved, presenting our clients with the three most favourable for their requirements, remaining, on hand, with our clients until the end of the process, in other words, until the final credit agreement has been signed

Our objective: to cover your financial needs satisfactorily giving you the most favourable credit rates and conditions. a